Our History

From the sunniest land in Italy, STS Srl has been operating in the security sector since 1983 as Si.Tel.Co. and since 1993 as S.T.S. designing and producing mechanical and electronic solution.

Thanks to the high professional skills and targeted production investment programs, all processing phases are carried out within our factories:

  • Design of electronic circuits, PCB Assembly, Vapor phase welding and equipment wiring;
  • Design of the carpentry and anti-vandal enclosures on the latest generation 3D CAD systems, carrying out the various mechanical processes on numerical control machines starting from metal sheet, profiles or raw material.
  • Polyester powder coating in a oven larger than 60 m3
  • Strict testing tests on each individual device, with the collaboration of the Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo;
  • Design of firmware and equipment management software.

Our Mission

  1. Satisfy our customers by adapting or creating tailor-made products that fully embrace their needs, with the utmost transparency and collaboration. This is the only way to go because the end user is fully aware of his needs and the weaknesses of a system that can cause him discomfort.
  2. Create efficient, competitive, top-quality, high-performance products using state-of-the-art technology.
  3. Customer assistance after sale and clear and updated manuals.



Cutting-edge Technology



The considerable dregree of autonomy allows continuous monitoring of quality standards of each individual phase, with the ability to quickly meet the specific needs of our customers (customization of management software, implementation of targeted solutions, creation of ex-novo systems)