Each machine is used by specialized technicians with years of experience. Each processing, from the raw material to the finished product, is carried out in the factory and subjected to the careful checks of our technicians, according to the highest quality levels. Our care in mechanical processing allows us to obtain products with stable and precise movements.

WaterJet Cutting Machine

Materials: metallo, vetro, legno.

Water cutting uses an abrasive mixed with water at high pressure and allows you to cut almost all materials, from a few tenths of a millimeter up to thicknesses of 250 mm.

Water cutting does not cause any physical alteration or mechanical deformation of the piece and allows you to easily cut materials of uneven thickness and composite or layered materials.

CNC Lathe Biglia

Ability to make revolution solids
(cilindri, coni, sfeoridi…).

Punching machine Tecnumerik 30

Drilling and embossing specific molds on sheets with thicknesses even greater than 2-3 mm.

Machining centers 5 axis

Dimensions: 3200×1000 mm – 1200×800 mm.

Our CNC machining centers allow us to carry out any type of machining (flattening, cutting, chamfering, rounding, drilling, grinding, boring, cavity, threading) with high precision.

Laser Beam Machine

Equipped with high precision and high speed, laser cutting is the best choice for processing low thickness materials, up to 8mm.

CNC bending machine

LVD con tecnologia EasyForm – Controllo ottico della piegatura

Thanks to the automatic optical control on the bending, we are able to bend sheets and polycarbonate plates with precision of the tenth of a degree.

Powder Coating Oven

Dimensions greater than 60 m3

Paint thicknesses significantly higher than any other type of painting. High hardness and elasticity. Standard RAL colors. Respect for the environment with zero ecological impact, without the use of solvents.

Condensation Oven

Vapor Phase Oven

Top SMT Soldering Technology. Superior thermal transfer. Excellent welds even in the presence of highly heterogeneous thermal masses on the same PCB; avoiding overheating of the most delicate components.

The use of special blends guarantees a stable temperature peak and thermal uniformity across the board, also minimizing mechanical stress.

Automatic Screen Printer

MPM UP-2000

Excellent control over the amount of solder paste deposited and use of high precision stencils to reliably weld any type of latest generation electronic component.

Pick & Place Machine

Automatic positioning of SMT electronic components.

All electronic boards are assembled in the factory allowing us to respond immediately to requests for supplies even in the event of stocks being exhausted.

We are able to respond to any supply request in record time, even in the event of a shortage of warehouse stock, because we have minimized the dependence on external services.

We know our products and can check each stage of production in advance to ensure a final product of the highest quality.